A Dialogue on America's Failed Drug War & its Collateral Consequences

Drug war reporter and urban ethnographer Christopher Moraff presents a series of talks covering his more than two decades of reporting from communities that are marginalized by socio-economic and racial inequality. Moraff spent 10 years as a writer-at-large for the Philadelphia Tribune, the nation's oldest African American Newspaper where he penned hundreds of bylines on issues affecting Philadelphia's Black community. He cohosts the popular podcast Narcotica with Zachary Siegel and Troy Farah, and his byline has appeared in numerous media outlets.

Since January 2017 he has been immersion reporting from the front lines of America's War on Drugs: Kensington, Philadelphia (aka "The "Badlands"), one of America's last remaining open air drug markets and inarguably its largest.

"...Moraff has chronicled [the overdose crisis] better than any other journalist in his city, and arguably better than anyone anywhere in the country."

Mike Riggs, Reason Magazine

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